The church in Omaha has it's roots in a home meeting that began in West Omaha in 1997. From that beginning, and from mutual fellowship with the church in Lincoln, the testimony of the church life here in Omaha continued to grow. During a Christian conference in Omaha in April, 2006, the Lord's Table was initiated when believers broke bread as the church in Omaha.

Currently our meetings are held in various homes each Saturday night at 6 pm and on the Lord's Day at 5pm. We also enjoy a time of prayer on Saturday mornings, and have various other home meetings throughout the week. Other gatherings include Bible studies at the UNO campus at noon and at Western Iowa Community College in the evening. Our gatherings include believers from the entire Omaha Metro area, and from believers in southwest Iowa. For information about where these gatherings are, contact us at (402) 573-5746.