Rescued from an Errant Generation

I received Christ as my Savior by reading the Bible in my bedroom at the age of twelve. Though my family soon quit attending church due to family problems, my heart was still inclined toward God. I became very active in the Lay Witness Mission movement in the Methodist denomination, and also became president of the youth fellowship group. Regrettably the lure of secular youth movements in the 60's and early 70's had their effect on me, making me more a lover of the world than of God. I found myself increasingly rebellious and involved in the evil trends of that generation. My schoolwork declined, as did my relationship with family members. At times, my physical well-being was endangered due to evil companions. Within my heart I knew that I was a prodigal son, and I felt helpless in restoring my walk with Christ.

How I thank the Lord that He gave a fellow high-schooler the courage to invite me to a meeting of the local church in Houston! During that meeting I heard the Bible taught both faithfully and uncompromisingly. After the meeting, even though I was distastefully dressed, I was warmly greeted by all, and received numerous dinner invitations. Both the love and the biblical truth that I found there helped restore my walk with my Savior, Jesus Christ. I was shepherded both spiritually and humanly. I learned how to apply myself in school and to respect authority. Some of the believers there spent time to tutor me, and as a result, I became almost a straight "A" student. I went on to receive a B.S. and Master's degree from the University of Texas while remaining active in the local church in Austin. I taught public school for twelve years and was a principal of a Christian school for three years, and taught at the University of Texas. As of today, I have been happily married for 32 years and have three grown children who love Christ, are active in the church, and are all either in college or college graduates. I have been an editor, author, and host of a daily Christian radio program. At present, my career is with a major corporation in school related business in Omaha. After 37 years in the local church, I have received nothing but good, both spiritually and humanly.

Gary W. Evans